Khorvaire Crusades

In Gitana's Head-2

Gitana trudged back up through the sewers with a little bit more bounce in her step then on the way down. While she wasn’t sure what they planned to do once they got out of the sink, she was happy with the way this expedition had turned out. They had followed through with their first mission, and learned how to work together as a team. Things were looking up.

And So It Begins!

And so it begins again yet another group of intrepid adventurers set of on a mission to save the world even though they themselves don’t know it(yet). Wait let me start over that was a little too heavy! First thing first as the group was headed to a well respected inn called the Lion’s Head they came upon a horrible scene of a murder. After defeating culprits responsible and explaining what had transpired to the city watch the group is approached by a strange figure. This strange hooded man tells them if they want answers they must go to the Broken Anvil inn at dawn. Intrigued by the prospect of money and adventure they arrive at the inn only to be ushered into a darken corner where a wealthy and attractive women greets them. She introduces herself as Elaydrend d’ Vown of House Cannith. After explaining that the man killed was doing some research for her and that she would like to hire them to retrieve a item for her. After a lengthy discussion about supplies and payment arrangements they strike a deal.

In Gitana's Head

Gitana let her mind wander as she slogged through the muck of the Sewers. Soon they should be at be finding the door that her group has been looking for and really get down to business. Until then, well… “that’s why they gave me ‘bodyguards’, right?” Gitana thought as she stepped over an unknown object. Not that they were bad guys. She liked them actually. It’s just that she’d rather be traveling with them as part of the crew, not because she was part of a paycheck.

She sighed as she watched Namfoodle perched on Veric’s back. It was one of the things that had always driven her crazy about her friend. He really was the ‘royalty’ that people belonging to a house where ‘supposed’ to be. He enjoyed the finer things in life, and while there was nothing wrong with that it wasn’t something she thought she’d ever understand. Life in the ‘House’ had come to grow too stuffy for her. But it’s hard to get out once your marked.

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